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Mt. Yale Summit

My name is Steve, a resident of Buena Vista, Colorado since 2005. I solely run this place. It consists of updates and archives my many photos, hikes and adventures in this spectacular mountain region. I strive to keep things real and authentic, and sometimes my personality comes out now and then.

Personally, my web photography work began with my first digital camera in 2000. At the time I was living in Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs, and I launched The website grew and quickly become popular. To this day, most of my major updates are placed on that site and I welcome you to stay abreast on the latest via my Facebook page.

When I moved to Buena Vista, I created Scenic Buena Vista as a way to post more local things that the rest of my viewers may not always want to see: sunsets, local hikes, rainbows, car shows, etc. I also have other niche websites that promote particular spots that needed more exposure:, and

Thanks so much for visiting!

P.S. That's me standing on the summit of Mt. Yale. Ah the views! :)

Buena Vista, CO

I also run the Facebook page for the Buena Vista Traffic Light. It has 668 likes. Just amazing!

This is the view of Main Street facing west on Christmas morning 2011.

Steve Garufi

One more shot of me. I was admiring the sunrise while climbing Mount Princeton with Dale Dawson. Nothing beats living in the mountains!

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