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Bethlehem Marketplace In Buena Vista, Colorado

Photos of a Walk-Thru Drama At Valley Fellowship Church - December 2010

Bethlehem Marketplace This year I acted in the walk-thru drama called the Bethlehem Marketplace, a bi-annual event held by Valley Fellowship Church in Buena Vista.

This is not merely a play; is a walk-thru drama where participants engage in a sometimes hectic and enlivening scene of a first century Bethlehem marketplace.

All visitors must register for the Roman Empire's census, as was the custom and noted in new testament scripture. Then visitors interact with Hebrew merchants who are trying to sell them things - baskets, brass, leather, food, you name it. To make the experience more realistic, visitors must check in with tax collectors who often take more than their fair share, all the while roman guards make an intimidating presence and sometimes shout at the crowd because they're mean. At the end is a beautiful Baby Jesus scene - the focus is obviously the wonderful story of God radically showing up on earth as a human.

Once the drama began, we had could not have any technological devices that didn't exist in the first century. Thus, I couldn't take pictures during the event. Below are some photos before the performance began. I didn't capture everyone and I apologize to those not included!

If you are in Buena Vista, Salida or elsewhere in Colorado, this is a worthwhile Christmas event to check out.

All the best,

Beggars Photo Gallery

Beggars at the entrance.

Bethlehem Marketplace Roman census takers.
Roman Guards Roman guards.
1st Century Tax Collectors The mean and corrupt tax collectors.
Bethlehem Marketplace A rabbi teaches children in front of the synagogue.
Bethlehem Marketplace A brass merchant shows off his work.
Bethlehem Marketplace A young woman sells herbs and spices.
Bethlehem Marketplace A merchant of musical instruments.
Bethlehem Marketplace I think this woman was weaving something. :p)
Bethlehem Marketplace Women at the well.
Bethlehem Marketplace Three teenage fisherman. :)
Hebrew Scribes Hebrew scribes.
Bethlehem Marketplace A seller of jewelry.
Bethlehem Marketplace A 1st century doctor doing whatever he does.
Bethlehem Marketplace I'm not sure why the meat merchant had such a grim look on this face! Ha ha.
Bethlehem Marketplace A donkey and its caretaker.
Bethlehem Marketplace A family caring for two sheep.

Bill Butler waves in the background. Goof! :)

Ah the cutest boy in the entire marketplace!
Bethlehem Marketplace Bill, the innkeeper, with his two daughters.
The angel has a less than reverant moment. :p)
Bethlehem Marketplace Yours truly. I was a sculptor... a creator of fine sculpture. :)

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado.

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