Chaffee County Road 162G (Pictures Of The Scenery)

Chalk CliffsEarly in the week I felt quite compelled to get out of my house and I wound up driving into Chalk Creek Canyon near the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs.

As I've done in the past (C.R. 328), I merely pulled over at a scenic spot and started taking pictures. This time I was at Chaffee County Road 162 and County Road 162G, which is somewhere between the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs and the Alpine Reservoir.

I snapped a couple of shots of the Chalk Cliffs at this particular spot. After doing some reading about it, the Chalk Cliffs, formed by a soft rock called "kaolinite", is a geological indication that hot springs are in the area.

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Colorado Scenery At Chaffee County Road 162G ...
Colorado By the way, I also trekked up to the ghost town of St. Elmo after spending some time at this spot.
Colorado The driveway to the historic Love Ranch with towering mountains that make up the Mt. Antero range behind.
Colorado Looking towards the west.
Chalk Cliffs Chalk Cliffs Two pictures of the Chalk Cliffs. There are a few residential homes in the area.
Colorado An antique farming plow on the Love Ranch. :)

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