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Christmas Lights In Buena Vista, Colorado

Christmas Lights December 3, 2006 - This evening I drove around the neighborhoods of Buena Vista and snapped some photos of the best outdoor Christmas decorations I could find. The home in the adjacent photo was certainly bright and Christmas-y! :)
Christmas Lights Merry Christmas!
Christmas Lights Along Highway 24 at the park adjacent to the Chamber of Commerce, are some beautiful Christmas lights put up by the town of Buena Vista.
Christmas Lights I came across this lighted chuckwagon with a Santa and Christmas tree in front of the shop between Jan's Restaurant and the Missing Spoon.
Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

This house on the southeast part of town was really amazing! I just had to get a picture of the lighted snowmen.
Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Two more homes with great Christmas lights!
Christmas Lights A manger scene. This is what it is all about folks: It's about the radical event of God showing up on earth. The thing is, this holiday will be hollow and meaningless if you haven't allowed Him, the Lord of Lords, to dwell in your heart. May this Christmas be a time of transformation ... Allow Jesus to wrap you with His love and grace in a way like never before! :)

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