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COLORADO PICTURES! (The Rocky Mountain Views From Chaffee County Road 328)

ColoradoSimilar to my visit to the Chalk Cliffs, I decided to do a spontaneous drive and wound up on Chaffee County Road 328, just west of Rodeo Road outside of Buena Vista, Colorado.

It was a bright and sunny day with the temperature in the upper 40's. Below are the scenic Colorado pictures I took, and I will admit, I did not do much walking around or hiking for these. I merely stood in one general spot and did a "360" of the views.

Friends, if you live in the Arkansas Valley, I would really urge you to be grateful for all the amazing mountain scenery we are blessed with. Last month I got a really nice picture of Mt. Yale (photo directly below) and was just in awe.

County Road 328, by the way, is a lonely dirt road southwest of the town of Buena Vista. From County Road 306, take Rodeo Road south out of town as though you were traveling to the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs or Frontier Ranch.

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  • Mt. Antero and Mt. Princeton Looking to the west, Mt. Princeton stands proud with Mt. Antero peaking it's northwestern face on the far left.
    Colorado Looking straight down the road. :)
    Colorado Looking back west towards Trout Creek Pass.
    Mt. Harvard Facing the northwest, the Mt. Harvard range.
    Buffalo Peaks The Buffalo Peaks stand in the background with the southern edges of Buena Vista in the foreground.

    You're welcome to comment about any of these Colorado pictures or anything else related to Buena Vista, Colorado on the Scenic Buena Vista forum!

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