Scenic Buena Vista

The Old Midland Railroad Grade In Buena Vista

Scenic Drive March 20, 2007 - My friend Jennifer and I drove on Chaffee County Road 304, which once served as the railroad grade for the Midland Railroad. This scenic drive offers great views of the Rocky Mountains to the west and quite a bit of local history as well!
Mt. Princeton Early on, here's an example of a great view of Mt. Princeton.
Old Midland Grade You'll go through quite a few narrow areas like this one! ;)
Hop Gulch Tressel Bridge The road dead ends at Hop Gulch, where there was once a tall tressel bridge for the railroad. Further up north, one can drive through the old railroad tunnels (Click here to see them!)
Buena Vista, Colorado And here's the view of Buena Vista near the end of the road.
Steve and Mt. Princeton Folks, this is definitely an interesting and scenic drive that I recommend. (I thought I'd throw in one token photo of myself!) ;)

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