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Photos of Elk - Buena Vista, Colorado

Photos of Elk
March 25, 2009 - For those of you making a quick glance at this page, I placed the three best elk photos at the top. Look at that beautiful elk herd! :)
Elk Herd
Elk cross Chaffee County Road 339 as I slowly approached them in my vehicle.
This is my best close up shot!

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Mt. Princeton, CO
How It All Began

I drove southbound on Chaffee County Road 339 in search of a decent photo of Mt. Princeton. I captured the adjacent picture, which in my opinion was an average photo at best. (I know... I know... there are some of you in places like Kansas and Indiana who completely disagree! Ha ha!)

Anyway, throughout the five minutes or so of me standing outside taking pictures, my back was to the herd of elk. Only after I returned to my car did I notice a herd of about 100 elk looking at me nervously.

Elk in Buena Vista, CO The elk were way out there in an open field, and many watched me vigilantly. Midland Hill, Limestone Ridge and some of the buildings in Buena Vista can be seen way out there.
Elk in Buena Vista, CO I drove to Chaffee County Road 326 (toward the Maxwell Park Schoolhouse) and the elk continued to watch me. Then they walked away from me toward Chaffee County Road 339 ... they were going to cross the road!
Elk I got back in my car and keep my distance so they felt safe to cross. Once they began to cross, I drove as quickly as possible to get within close distance to get those nice shots above. Beautiful elk! :)

Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, CO.
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