Scenic Buena Vista

2007 Autumn Foliage Photos - Buena Vista, Colorado Area

Mt. Antero For the past few weeks, I have been busy photographing Colorado's fall color show in and around Buena Vista. Adjacent is a nice shot of Mt. Antero with bright orange cottonwoods in the foreground.
Autumn Foliage Morning light behind bright yellow foliage along Chaffee County Road 162 at the bighorn sheep viewing area.
Colorado Fall Foliage Fall colors at Cottonwood Lake.
Mt. Princeton Mt. Princeton.
Colorado Fall Foliage Along Cottonwood Pass Road.
Colorado Fall Foliage Autumn colors on a mountainside near Twin Lakes and Independence Pass.
Mt. Yale Mt. Yale.
Colorado Autumn Foliage Between the towns of Vicksburg and Winfield.
Aspens Tall and bright aspens near St. Elmo.

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