Buena Vista, Colorado

The Gunsmoke Truck Stop & Cafe In Johnson Village, Colorado

Gunsmoke Truck Stop This morning I visited the good ol' Gunsmoke Truck Stop & Cafe. It's located in Johnson Village, an unincorporated area just south of Buena Vista at the junction of Highways 24 and 285. If you're heading up to Trout Creek Pass from Buena Vista, you'll drive right through the Johnson Village stretch and you can't miss the Gunsmoke Truck Stop.
Gunsmoke Truck Stop Here is one photo of the front side of the truck stop, which is part of my Johnson Village page.
Gunsmoke Truck Stop Gunsmoke Truck Stop The outside of the cafe looks like a modest-looking half of a double-wide trailer, but the dining area inside is well decorated and has a cozy western feel.
Gunsmoke Truck Stop Now the Gunsmoke Truck Stop has a popular rest stop for good reason. Along with the cafe, there is a large convenience store area, gas station, video games and rest rooms of course.
Gunsmoke Truck Stop And you just gotta love the name of this place ... The Gunsmoke! ;)
Gunsmoke Truck Stop While I have you hear, check out my photo of Mt. Princeton from Johnson Village.
Tricky Triangle Inside the cafe, each table has a tricky triangle game. I kept finishing with four or three pegs each time.
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