The Mt. Princeton Hot Springs (Near Nathrop, Colorado)

Four Photos At The Hot Springs
Mt. Princeton Hot Springs
The Mt. Princeton Hot Springs is a special place! My body literally felt like mush during my recent visit. :)

There are two areas of hot springs. Above are two heated and well-regulated swimming pools that are open all year.

Down below, the all-natural hot springs are part of Chalk Creek is. Heat rises from below the ground and heats the stream. It is a unique "hot tub" experience nature's way! Also it should be noted these natural hot springs are not a sulphur hot spring. No pungent smell is connected to the heated water.

Hot Springs
I sat in this particular pool for about 20 minutes. :)
Mt. Princeton Hot Springs
The steam rises.
One shot where I zoomed in on a rapid on the creek.

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