Ice Cream In A Waffle Cone At Punky's Restaurant

(Steve's "Losses It" And Gives In To Afternoon Ice Cream And Coffee Temptations - April 16, 2010)

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Ice Cream Cone Ice Cream Cone

Espresso Chip Ice Cream

On Friday afternoon, I finished a writing project that required much time and energy. I was prime to reward myself with something decadent, and for me, that means ice cream!

I trekked to Punky's Ice Cream Shop in Buena Vista and bought a large ice cream cone with espresso chip ice cream. As you can see, that is no ordinary ice cream cone but a waffle cone. Ahhhh, my taste buds were in heaven!

Ice Cream Shop The view of the circular ice cream containers inside the freezer. They have twelve flavors, and I usually order espresso chip (far right). Peanut butter swirl and peppermint ice cream (1:55, watch the video!) tend to be runner-up choices now and then.
Ice Cream and Coffee Eating Ice Cream I relaxed inside the ice cream shop and washed down my ice cream with a coffee.

Oh and yes, that's an Arkansas Razorbacks shirt I'm wearing. Not only do I love ice cream, but I go *HOG WILD* over those Arkansas Razorbacks. Wooooo! Pig Sooouie!

Punky's Restaurant A photo with these two upstanding employees of Punky's.
Punky's Restaurant

Sports Wall of Fame

The entrance to Punky's and a photo of the Buena Vista Sports Hall of Fame.

I usually refrain from endorsing businesses on this humble web site, as I simply try to "keep things real" with hikes, photography and what a lowly year-round local resident (like me) does in this town. If you're seeking ice cream in my town of Buena Vista, Colorado, I guess this page speaks for itself. Happy ice cream eating! :)

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi.

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