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Driving Videos In And Around Buena Vista, Colorado

A Variety Of Scenic Driving Videos Throughout This Mountain Region - June 2011

It all started last week, when I created a simple video of the view of Mt. Princeton while driving on Gregg Drive in Buena Vista. It is a rather boring video in many respects, although I'm sure there are Colorado lovers who appreciated it. Then it occurred to me that I could make more. Heck, I could make a video for every scenic road that I drive on a regular basis.

Below are ten videos. I'm not sure if they will be considered interesting to the wide masses of people, but perhaps to those who miss Buena Vista, or perhaps want to see what things look like today, you may enjoy these videos.

Note that I didn't put any background music to them. In the past, I've made some videos and inserted music that was eventually taken off due to copyright issues. Thus, I played it safe. All you hear is the wind in these clips.

Buena Vista, Colorado

Chaffee County Road 321

Sometimes referred to as Rodeo Road.
Scenic Drive To Cottonwood Pass

Via Chaffee County Road 306.
Scenic Drive To Cottonwood Lake

Via Chaffee County Road 344.

Main Street

Including a stop at the traffic light!

Johnson Village

Home of the only truck stop in Chaffee County.
Clear Creek Reservoir

Pretty mountains in the background.

Once the county seat of Chaffee County.
Chaffee County Road 320

A twisting and turning road with scenery.
Maxwell Park Schoolhouse

Located southwest of Buena Vista.
Mt. Olivet Cemetery

A special visit.

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