Buena Vista, Colorado

Merrifield's Garden Hut In Buena Vista (May 2006)

Merrifield's Garden Hut Winters are quite long in Buena Vista and one sign that spring is finally arriving to Colorado's Upper Arkansas Valley is the action happening at Merrifield's Garden Hut at the Buena Vista traffic light.
Aspens Merrifield's Garden Hut offers a large variety of all sorts of garden supplies, and look, they even sell aspens! There's something about aspens that we Coloradoans go wild over, isn't there? :)
Petunias They had some beautiful petunias, and I particularly liked these purples ones.
Merrifield's Garden Hut Inside their greenhouse ...
Merrifield's Garden Hut ... there are lots of colors!
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    Daisies Orange and yellow daisies.
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