Scenic Buena Vista

Mountain Photos Around Buena Vista, Colorado - April 27-28, 2007

Mt. Princeton
It was a sunny and bright Spring day in Buena Vista and I found myself photgraphing the mountains in the area. Above is a photo of Mt. Princeton from the Game Trail Development area. This picture will definitely be tomorrow's highlight on, my web site dedicated to photography of that particular mountain.

Although Cottonwood Pass is still closed, I drove up as far as I could and parked at the parking lot area approximately one mile west of the Denny Creek Trailhead. Here is the beautiful view of the northern edge of Jones Mountain.
Mt. Yale, CO
With Jones Mountain to my back, I snapped this photo of Mt. Yale.
Cottonwood Pass Road
Coming back down Cottonwood Pass Road (eastbound), I captured this unknown mountain.
Mt. Columbia
Mt. Columbia.
Mt. Yale
Mt. Yale. (Notice the trees are not green yet!)
Nathrop, Colorado
I actually snapped this photo yesterday in the late afternoon. I was driving east on Chaffee County Road 162 towards Nathrop. You can see my photos from a nearby overlook here: Overlook Near Nathrop On Rodeo Road.

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