Scenic Buena Vista

You Say Bewna, I Say Buena…

A informative and hilarious radio piece about the pronunciation of Buena Vista, Colorado was done by Noel Black of KRCC.

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A few comments from me:

  • I'm very glad they mentioned our neighbor Salida. No one pronounces that town based on the "true Spanish" either. Many western towns aren't pronounced like they might be in Spanish.

  • Now I definitely say BEW-na Vista, but I do agree that perhaps the spelling should be different. Something like "Beauna Vista" might make more sense. :)

  • Last year I met a guy from Buena Vista, Georgia, and he said they pronounce it the same "wrong" way. Also, I was told Buena Vista, Virginia residents pronounce it the same way.

  • Regarding the people interviewed in the radio segment: As a resident of Buena Vista, it was scary that I recognized the voices of about half the people! :)
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