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Bike Ride Among The Rockies (Buena Vista, Nathrop, Rodeo Road)

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Mt. Princeton

May 10, 2006 - This evening I cycled a popular bike loop that road bikers in Buena Vista often do. It is a 24-mile round trip. Starting at the Buena Vista traffic light, ride south on Highway 24. I stopped at the Mt. Princeton sign to get this nifty photo, which I've included on my Mt. Princeton site. :)
Sangre De Cristo Mountains Approaching the small town of Nathrop, you'll have a nice view of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains to the south.
Mt. Antero Not many places beat the scenery of Colorado's Rocky Mountains of Colorado! From Nathrop, the bike route travels west on Chaffee County Road 162. Adjacent is a photo of Mt. Antero.
Mt. Princeton Looking directly ahead is Mt. Princeton. The sun was directly behind Mt. Princeton and Mt. Yale, which made this adjacent photo and the one below a little sketchy.
Mt. Yale Beautiful Mt. Yale. Even when it's painful to pedal up Colorado's hills (as I was here), it is always nice to have views of these mountains for inspiration.
Mt. Princeton Hot Springs From Nathrop, it is a steady and gradual uphill for approximately 4-5 miles to the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs.
Then things take a turn for the worse in the grunt department, as the next mile is a grueling and steep uphill that snakes up the side of a hillside. Eventually th road becomes Chaffee County Road 321 (sometimes referred as Rodeo Road)
Buffalo Peaks Returning to Buena Vista on Rodeo Road, it is a gradual downhill. Here's a shot of the Buffalo Peaks in the background heading back to town.
Steve One shot of me. It was a great ride! :)

Buena Vista, Colorado

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