Scenery Photos In Buena Vista, Colorado - (Winter 2010-2011)

Colorado Winter Scenery Photos
Soon I will be out of town soon to bike across America, and so I wanted to make a photo gallery of local Colorado mountain scenery.
All of these photos were taken during the winter from November 2010 through February 2011. -Steve :)
Colorado Snow Scene
Driving on Chaffee County Road 321 (Rodeo Road) southwest of Buena Vista.
Ah look at that fresh layer of snow that had fallen the day before. 14er Mt. Columbia is the snow capped mountain far in the distance.
Colorado Rocky Mountains
A nice picture of Mt. Antero and Mt. Princeton as I came down Trout Creek Pass toward the upper Arkansas River Valley.
Mount Princeton Colorado
I have so many extra photos of Mt. Princeton because of my daily Mount Princeton website. Here's a zoom-in.
Mt. Princeton
A nice sunny November day. Photo taken south of Nathrop.

Mount Princeton
The grand and imposing presence of Mt. Princeton taken north of Buena Vista. (Photo taken on Christmas Day 2011)
Colorado Mountain Sunset
A glorious Colorado sunset. For those of you who long for warmer summer days and your vacation time to be spent in the Rocky Mountains, hang in there. Those days are coming soon! :)

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