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Snowy Scenery - Photos On A Snowy Road (Chaffee County Road 339)

Mt. Princeton
Mt. Princeton
December 18, 2007 - I went joy riding for a short while this morning and pulled over along Chaffee County Road 339, located about five west of Buena Vista. As you will see on this page, many of the roads are still covered in snow and ice!

The two adjacent photos are of Mt. Princeton (alt. 14,198). One of these shots will make it on my Mt. Princeton web site for sure. ;)

The snow in the foreground is quite deep, probably in the three foot range, and the strong wind coming off the mountains today are shifting the snow.

Chaffee County Road 339 Here is the northerly view from this road. Chaffee County Road 339 intersects with Chaffee County Road 306 ("Cottonwood Pass Road") where the drive-in movie theater is located. I drove to the southerly end of the road where it intersects with the quiet country dirt road of Chaffee County Road 326. The Buffalo Peaks stand way out there to the right.
Sawatch Mountains
Mt. Yale
Two views to the northwest. Red Deer Mountain (top photo) largely blocks the view of Mt. Yale from town, but as I traveled farther along the road (bottom photo), I could see Mt. Yale's summit peaking its head.
Snow Scene The view looking east.

Check out yesterday's snow photos along Cottonwood Pass Road. ;)

Chaffee County Road 339 The sun reflects on the snow and ice as I faced south.
Snowy Road Facing east at Chaffee County Road 326. I was standing at the junction of Chaffee County Roads 339 and 326. Apparently this lovely and isolated dirt road is not plowed regularly when it snows; Doesn't it look really pretty?
Snowy Road One more view. Sometimes I forget how "spoiled" I am to live here with all of these amazing mountain views! :)

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