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Mountain Sunset - Buena Vista, Colorado (Photos - May 5, 2008)

Mt. Yale
Mt. Yale
Mt. Yale
Mt. Yale

Tonight's sunset was somewhere above average based on past experiences. The big color show happened over Mt. Yale, and I had a nice view of it as I stood on Chaffee County Road 326.

I zoomed-in and out to provide a few different takes with this view.

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  • Mt. Yale A larger view of the entire sky above the mountain.
    Mt. Columbia and Mt. Yale The bright clouds reached over above Mt. Columbia.

    Steve Mt. Princeton

    Mt. Princeton barely made the highlights this evening. There was just a touch of pink and purple happening out that way.

    Mt. Columbia Mt. Columbia

    Then, I spotted those bright clouds over Mt. Columbia turn pink. And yes, I was sitting in my car right there on Chaffee County Road 361!

    Mt. Columbia
    Mt. Columbia
    The clouds became more intense with color for a few minutes. How beautiful!

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  • Steve One photo of yours truly using the timer on my camera. :)

    Chaffee County Road 326 is one of my favorite spots in this valley to watch the sunset. It starts (or ends) at the Maxwell Park Schoolhouse and travels west to Chaffee County Road 339.

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