The One And Only Traffic Light in Buena Vista, CO

The one and only Buena Vista traffic light!

If you have ever received directions in our town, you have probably received directions such as "We're 0.6 miles north of the traffic light"; "At the traffic light, go west toward the mountains ..." or "When you reach the traffic light, you're in the center of town."

I am so pleased to have included all four directional traffic lights in the adjacent picture. Yes, Buena Vista, Colorado is a small town. Only 2,000 residents live inside city limits, and another 2,000 or so live nearby in unincorporated Chaffee County.

Recently we received troubling news that C-DOT was considering adding a second traffic light north at the Evergreen Cafe, but fortunately, after many locals objected to the idea, those plans were dismissed. Our town does not need anymore traffic lights!

One pet peeve: Some locals mistakenly call it a "stop light." However, this is incorrect word usage. A stop light would require that all vehicles stop, which would require a flashing red light. No, our intersection has a standard traffic light. There is no reason to stop at the intersection if you happen to approach it when the light is green.

Buena Vista, Colorado

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Traffic Light Video

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Buena Vista, Colorado

Our Beloved Traffic Light

March 2006 - I snapped pictures in the late afternoon with the sunseting behind Mt. Princeton. Thus most of my pictures are facing east in some fashion. That's downtown Buena Vista behind the traffic light.

On the southwest corner, looking northeast. The snow-capped Buffalo Peaks are in the background.
On the northwest corner, looking southeast. The Texaco gas station has been closed for about two to three years. :(
Merrifield's Garden Hut sits on the southwest corner.
If you've been to our traffic light frequently, surely you are aware of the chirping sound it makes for visually-impaired pedestrians. Great feature!

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