Scenic Buena Vista

Partial Rainbow, Thunder and Sunset - Buena Vista, Colorado


Enthralled by the Colorado weather lately, I've kept my camera beside me wherever I am. When I noticed another evening of rainfall and sunshine at the same time, I immediately went outside in search of a rainbow, and I found it! The rainbow soon disappeared, but I captured some footage of thunder, including a loud boom at 1:34. Thanks for watching!

Enjoy more local rainbow photos and videos from this year:

  • June 30 and July 13

  • Note the loud thunder at 1:34!
    Two Photos
    Colorado Rainbow
    A partial rainbow. I was hoping this rainbow had just formed, but I think I caught it near its end.
    Colorado Sunset
    A beautiful sunset over Mt. Columbia. Last night's sunset was pretty good too!

    Photos and video by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, CO. Facebook: /coloradoguycom Twitter: @stevegarufi Google+: /stevegarufi

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