Scenic Buena Vista

Two Videos: Driving To And From Buena Vista, CO & Cottonwood Pass

(Ben Simo's Time Lapse Videos Of Driving On Chaffee County Road 306 - August 29-30, 2009)

My friend Ben Simo of Colorado Springs spent a long weekend camping in and around Buena Vista, Colorado last weekend. Directly below are two time-lapse videos of Ben driving from Buena Vista to Cottonwood Pass on Chaffee County Road 306, and then another of him driving the same route back down. Very nice!

A story about the one photo below of Ben and I. Originally I came into contact with Ben via Twitter. (His Twitter page is @QualityFrog; Mine is @SteveGarufi.) He communicated to me that he and his kids would be in the area, but neither of us nailed down a meeting with a specific time and place. Well, one evening I walked into Punky's Restaurant on East Main Street to order an espresso chip ice cream, and the guy in front of me looked very much like Ben! It was him! Ben and I "ran into each other" in town! Of course, we snapped photos of us that were immediately tweeted onto our Twitter pages. :)

Anyway, if you don't live here and love the drive, I trust you'll enjoy them!

Buena Vista, Colorado

Driving Up To Cottonwood Pass
Driving Down Cottonwood Pass
Myself and Ben
Steve Garufi and Ben Simo
A snazzy photo of myself and Ben. By the way, the ice cream at Punky's is amazing! :)

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